TiALSport QRJ Blow-Off Valve Adapters
TiALSport QRJ Blow-Off Valve Adapters
TiALSport QRJ Blow-Off Valve Adapters

TiALSport QRJ Blow-Off Valve Adapters

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-If you do not already own a QRJ, please select the body color and spring pack here: QRJ BOV

-The TiALSport QRJ was designed to provide the best possible combination of response and flow, within a highly configurable, modular package.

-The unique design, featuring a high-capacity pressurized body chamber and a special tapered piston allow the pressurized charge air to flow unobstructed past the valve piston face providing for a very linear response characteristic.

-The QRJ works exceptionally well on FWD/AWD applications, but also any application where the vehicle handling can be impacted by throttle and turbo response.

-The modular design provides for a high level of fitment compatibility, and many options are offered:

  • A v-flange adapter to allow the QRJ to fit where a Q, QR or BV50 unit was previously in place.
  • A compact v-flange adapting kit, with machined clamp, for weld fitment to an existing charge pipe. Available in aluminum and stainless steel.
  • Multiple hose-type adapters for use in fitting to O.E. hose connections.

-As the QRJ is sold in a modular format, you would first select the body color and spring pack, and the BOV includes the air fitting kit. Then you would select the required adapting flanges.

-Since the QRJ is modular and allows for so many fitment options, each unit is built-to-order, so keep this in mind when ordering.

Available Adapter Options:

Tube flanges: 1", 29mm, 34mm, and 1.5"

Weld flanges: Aluminum and Stainless Steel

Diffuser Outlet is for venting to atmosphere

QRJ Clamp Assembly - This does not come with a weld flange nor 1.5" V-Band Inlet Flange to screw into QRJ body

1.5" Clamp Kits - Include weld flange of your choice (depending on drop down choice), 1.5" V-Band Inlet Flange, and QRJ Clamp Assembly

QRJ to Q & QR V-Band Flange - Flange to adapt a QRJ to an existing Q flange